Swedish Body Massage

Swedish Body Massage on lady

What is Swedish massage?

Need a Swedish Body Massage? – A traditional full body massage ideal for soothing tired aching muscles leaving you feeling tranquil and revived. The Swedish massage stimulates the muscles through lymphatic drainage, promoting the increase in oxygen and blood flow around the body, freeing toxins from within the muscle.

The five main techniques used in this particular type of massage are, effleurage, kneading, tapping, vibration and pounding. A Swedish massage can be vigorous or as gentle as you prefer, so before and during your massage communication is encouraged so that your massage is customized to your specific needs.

Benefits from Swedish massage

Besides the relaxing and calming benefits, Swedish massage also assists with, reducing physical and emotional stress, easing muscular strain by flushing out toxins, helping to keep tendons and ligaments supple and improve circulation by increasing oxygen flow in the blood.

What to expect

After a detailed consultation on your individual needs and desired outcomes I will leave the room while you undress and position yourself comfortably on the massage table. You will be given two large Spa towels to cover yourself. A typical full body session will last for 60 minutes and include work on your back, neck and shoulders, arms, legs, feet and hands. Abdomen and scalp massage can also be incorporated at request. Additional Swedish massage techniques include circular pressure applied by the hands and palms, bending and stretching.

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